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After hearing so many great things about Stationery Pal, I finally decided to make an order. Continue reading for my Stationery Pal haul.

A lot of Stationery Pal’s products are very kawaii. And while I appreciate kawaii culture and products, it’s not really my style. Even living in Japan didn’t make me jump on the bandwagon. 

But they have so many functional and staple stationery products at reasonable prices, so I wanted to make an order. Plus, even though I’m not a big fan of kawaii and I’m not a collector of anything, I am a big Harry Potter fan. I grew up reading the books and still watch the movies (and reread the books) pretty frequently. I found a few Harry Potter items on sale that I knew I would use, so I was pretty excited to add some cuter items to my mostly only functional collection.

So, enough talking. Let’s get into what I ordered and what I thought of each item after using them for a few days.

See the video of my haul on Youtube.

My Stationery Pal Haul

Harry Potter Sticky Notes

Harry Potter Limited Edition Sticky Notes – Magic Pigeon

My first item is a pad of small Harry Potter sticky notes. I chose the Magic Pigeon design with Hedwig in the top left corner and the Hogwarts Express and some trunks in the bottom right. There are also other designs that include wands, cauldrons, a golden snitch, and the house crests.

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Harry Potter Color Changing Markers

Harry Potter Limited Edition Double-Sided Color Changing Highlighters

So I’m going to admit when I bought these, I thought they were basically branded mildliners. But no, they are a lot more fun, even if it’s not something I would have necessarily bought had I known. They are dual-tip markers, with one side being a clear color and the other a bright color. When written over the top of the white, the color shows what you’ve written in the clear marker. My kids think these are the coolest markers ever, and so far, I’ve used them a few times when I want to highlight something in my planner with a little more vibrancy.

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Platinum x Harry Potter Limited Edition Little Shooting Star Fountain Pen – Gryffindor

So I definitely don’t need any more fountain pens, but this one caught my eye. I wanted the Ravenclaw version, but it’s sold out on Stationery Pal and everywhere else, so apparently, Ravenclaws love fountain pens.

 But since I still wanted the pen, I chose Gryffindor because I got Gryffindor 2 of the five times I’ve taken sorting hat tests, and I love the deep red color. The fountain pen comes in a fine nib with five black cartridges. I’m not sure if it’ll be my everyday fountain pen as I’m in love with my Platinum Preppy, but it’s a fun one to write with if I ever feel like I need a little more creativity and want to channel the creativity of Harry Potter. See all of my fountain pens posts Here.

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Ravenclaw Notebook

Harry Potter Limited Edition Notebook – Ravenclaw

But I needed something to represent Ravenclaw, so I opted for this simple notebook with a pretty subtle design. It was inexpensive and something I could use to jot notes or story ideas as I could easily slip it into my bag. The notebook contains Deli’s Think Paper which is not something I’ve used before but is thicker (70gsm) than Kokuyo Campus paper but has a smooth texture that I’ve enjoyed writing on so far. The binding is a sew-stitch that, with a bit of working-in, can lie flat. 

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Kokuyo Neko Notebook

Kokuyo x Bungu Neko Notebook 

Even though I need no more notebooks, I decided to grab this cute notebook with cats (neko) on the covers. There are three designs that show cats with various office and stationery supplies: blue, pink, and brown. The notebook has Kokuyo paper that is thin and smooth for a perfect writing experience. It is lined (8mm), ideal for those with slightly bigger handwriting. The binding is also lay-flat, so it’s comfortable for writing right from the start.

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Sakura Pigma Micron

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen 03 – 0.35 mm – Black

The Sakura Pigma Micron is a favorite for artists or those that love clean lines. It has a needle tip that is great for writers, illustrators, or artists. The Pigma ink is permanent, acid-free, and archival. I have wanted one for quite a while, and for no particular reason, I have never bought one. But the price from Stationery Pal was better than any online store.

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Zebra Sarasa Vintage

Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen – Dark Vintage Color Red Black

I love Zebra Sarasa pens in every form. It’s my daily writing pen in black .3. But the vintage collection has an amazing variety of colors. I like using them in planners to add variation for different events or in my journal to change up my standard black. The Vintage pens come with Zebra’s Sarasa ink which is a water-based gel that is smooth-flowing and vivid. It’s feather-resistant and water-resistant.

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Glass Dip Pen – Sakura

This is my first dip pen, and I’m so excited about it. I have absolutely 0 experience with dip pens, but when I saw this pen at such a reasonable price, I just had to get one. Glass pens can be used with almost any ink and are easy to use. They can write several sentences between dips, so they’re more convenient for writing than other types of dip pens. Glass nibs will never wear out or rust, so they can be used for a lifetime if stored properly.  See my guide on how to use glass dip pens Here. 

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Platinum Fountain Pen Converter

Platinum Fountain Pen Converter – Push Pull Type

Finally, I got a platinum fountain pen converter to go with the Harry Potter pen I bought, as I didn’t already have a platinum converter. It looks pretty minimalist, as all parts of made from plastic. But we’ll see how it works with my platinum preppy and the Harry Potter Platinum Shooting Star from this order. If you don’t know about fountain pen converters, see my guide.

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Stationery Pal Extras

Order Extras

I also got some extras because I spent over $20. 

  • Teddy
  • Purple pen
  • 2 Sanrio pens
  • Pop socket

These weren’t necessarily my style, but it was a nice addition that made me feel like I was ordering from somewhere more hands-on than from just Amazon. Especially the additional touches of the bubble wrap, sticker, and thank you notes that had my name hand-written

What Else I Recommend from Stationery Pal

Even though I didn’t order them this time, there are also other items I recommend that I use regularly or have used in the past and enjoyed. 

Stationery Pal Discount Codes and Deals

The great thing about Stationery Pal is their great prices and discounts. Don’t forget to add these coupon codes when checking out. You should be able to use both if you have the correct products according to the discount codes.

MUSTHAVESTATIONERY for 15% off entire order

CAKE50: 50% Off Select Products Until April 30th

They are also having daily deals for the entire month of April. Check their site for see what today’s deal is.

Have you ever ordered from Stationery Pal? Let me know what you’ve ordered and your thoughts on their products or service. I’m interested to hear from others about their experiences.

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