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Mackenzie is a writer living in Japan. She writes about travel, outdoors, and stationery and runs Snow Monkey Media. She also writes novels, loves to hike, and travel.

Stationery Pal Box

What to Buy on Stationery Pal

Stationery Pal has quickly become one of my favorite online stationery shops. With inexpensive prices, quick shipping, and a wide range of options, especially Japanese stationery, it should be a must-shop for any stationery lover. It can be a pain… Read More »What to Buy on Stationery Pal

How Fountain Pens Work

How Fountain Pens Work

Fountain pens tend to have a bad rap for being complicated. But they’re sort of like your iPhone. You don’t have to know their ins and outs to operate them effectively. But, knowing the ins and outs of their mechanics can… Read More »How Fountain Pens Work