Bullet Journal Notebooks

Guide to the Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

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Thanks to Instagram and Youtube, bullet journal popularity has skyrocketed. With beautiful layouts, gorgeous covers, and layouts that you can mix and match, there’s no wonder they are becoming one of the most popular ways to journal, plan, or capture artwork.  But because of its popularity, many companies are jumping on the bujo bandwagon.

While there are many quality products out there, some are cheaply made or have fewer features than others in a similar price range.  So to help answer which bullet journal is the best, our guide to the best bullet journal notebooks is going to lay out the top ten and give the best options for different individuals. 

So What are Bullet Journals?

If you’re into stationery or looking for a new planning system, you’ve probably come across the term bullet journal or bujo (bullet journal for short). But what is a bullet journal?  It is an analog system created by Ryder Carrol, a designer based in New York. As he says, a bullet journal is meant “to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” It’s a unique system that can be used in any way you see fit to keep track of anything and everything.  It can be a task manager, sketchbook, journal, idea catcher, planner, and more. The sky really is the limit with this system.  

You can read more about the creation in the bullet journal book by clicking here

More simply put, it is a system of writing, planning, or drawing in a dotted grid notebook. The dotted grid helps keep the page open and unrestricted while also helping you segment the page and keep lines straight.  

Types of Notebooks for Bullet Journaling

A bullet journal can come in many forms, from the official bullet journal book to bullet journaling notebooks you can create yourself, spiral bullet journal, and apps for bullet journals. I have options for each type below. There are also plenty of sizes to choose from: standard sizes like A5 bullet journal or A6 bullet journal, or thin Traveler’s Notebook sizes.  There is an endless possibility of options, so I’ll narrow down how to find the one that’s best for you. 

Guide to the Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

How to find the best Bullet Journal for you

There’s a lot to look at when deciding what bullet journal best works for you. Like I said above, there’s no limit to the types of notebooks used to keep track, write, or create in the way that works best for you.  So I’ll quickly break down what to look for in a new bullet journal notebook.


Choosing your bullet journal size is possibly one of the most important things when selecting the best notebooks for bullet journal.  The size of your notebook will depend on how you want to use it.  If you have a large number of plans, a bigger notebook will make sure you have enough space to get in all of the details. If you want to take your notebook on the go, you may choose a smaller one that fits more easily into your bag.  

A4 bullet journal

By far, the most popular bullet journal size is a medium, also known as an A5 notebook (5.75” x 5.25”). It’s a great size for most people because it provides ample space for writing or drawing but will also fit easily into a backpack or handbag.

There is also the A6 size that is half the size of the A5, so super easy to carry but has much less space on the page.  

You can even go up to an 8×10 size which is about the size of a standard sheet of paper in the U.S.  Personally, I would think this is too big for an everyday carry but would be great for leaving on your desk or around the house.

There is also an A5 slim size like the Traveler’s Notebook.  These are perfect for slipping into a purse or backpack.


Many people, including myself, have very strong opinions on how their journals are bound. The binding is obviously what holds the notebook together.  It seems like a small detail, but it can make a huge difference in how you use your journal or how easy it is to use and carry. 

Most notebooks for bullet journaling come with a traditional stitched binding.  The trouble with stitched binding is how they lay while open. If you like the stitched design, I recommend looking for a lay flat design so the notebook is easier to write on and won’t cause binding issues down the road after plenty of use. 

book reading bullet journal

There are also discbound options similar to the Happy Planners. If you like to add pages, reorganize, or swap paper types, you need a disc system. They aren’t my favorite as the discs can vary in quality, so may need to be replaced, and I just don’t like the look, but they are great options for versatility. If you want the versatility to swap in and out but don’t like discs, the Traveler’s Notebook is a great option, check out the review below.

best journal for bullet journaling

Coils or wire spiral bound notebooks are also one to look into.  The downside of coils or spirals is they often get in the way while trying to write.  The benefits are they allow the notebook to lay flat, and you can flip the notebook on itself, so only one page is visible at a time if you’re short of desk space or want to focus on one page at a time.   

bullet grid journal


When looking at bullet journal covers, there are two main options, hard and soft covers.  There are benefits to both, but the best for you will depend on your intended use. 

Soft Cover– If you want a flexible notebook that curves to fit your pocket or backpack, the softcover is best. Soft covers can be thick card stock paper or even leather. It won’t be as easy to write on the go with a soft cover for obvious reasons, but if you tend to write on a desk or other hard surface and like the aesthetic bullet journal look with a leather cover, a softcover might be for you. 

bullet journal cheap

Hard Cover– If you find yourself on the go a lot or like to lounge on the couch and use your lap as a desk, a hardcover notebook is the better option. It won’t be as flexible when shoved into your bag, but the cover may last longer and protect the book better.

where to buy bullet journal

Now that more bullet journals are coming out, you have a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from on top of just the feel of the cover.  You can choose a more subdued look like a black Moleskin or a colorful and fun option like the Scribbles That Matter.


The paper quality can vary significantly between bullet journal brands and price ranges.  The paper type is measured by gsm (grams/square meter), and the style you choose will depend on what you decide to do in your bullet journal. The lower density of the paper, the more your markers and pens will be seen through or even bleed.  But the higher density, the thicker it will be, so the larger and heavier the notebook will be. 

It’s really a personal preference as I prefer a thinner paper, but many like the weight of thick paper to protect against shadowing or bleed-through. Most bullet journal notebooks are between 70gsm and 160gsm.  

The best way to see what paper quality you prefer is just by testing out different notebooks. But because that can end up being an expensive test, a good rule of thing is to use a paper over 140gsm if you’re using paper or wetter ink like brush pens.  If you’re sticking to pens or light-colored mildliners, you can go to 100gsm or less.  If you hate ghosting, 160+ is the best bullet journaling paper for you.

Page Design

As the name suggests, bullet journals are typically made with dot grid paper. But you can also use paper that has a standard grid paper or even blank pages. I wouldn’t recommend blank pages unless you’re a really great artist who doesn’t need the assistance or if you don’t like the look of the dots.  I think the dots help to keep your lines a little straighter (especially if you use a ruler) and help you evenly divide or mark off the paper for your pages, like in a monthly calendar layout.   

A dotted journal is the usual format people think of when they think of a bullet journal (bullet refers to the bullet points or dots on the dotted bullet grid pages, after all).

bullet journal blank

A grid journal could also be useful in a pinch (check amazon for inexpensive options other than the ones on the list). The idea is the same, except there are more lines that could be good for free handing but may look messy or in the way of some styles of planning or art.

bullet journal grid

Additional Features

Some journals come with additional features on top of the grid or dot pages that file the majority of the notebook. These aren’t a make or break for your bullet journal success but they might make things easier at the beginning or they are just handy tools even if you are a bullet journal veteran.

Page Markers

Page markers are obviously helpful when marking your page. Some notebooks come with none at all while others come with anywhere between one to three ribbon or cloth pages markers. You’ll have to decide what works best for you or if you’ll be marking your pages with something else.

bullet journal a4


Most notebooks on this list come with pockets in the back. These are great for storing pieces or paper, stickers, or just notes that you want in your planner.

black bullet journal


An elastic closure is also a typical addition for bullet journals. The elastic bands help to keep your journal closed so they aren’t getting messed up in your back or purse, and helps to keep any additional pages or pieces of paper in side.

best journal for bullet journal

Page numbers

Page numbers aren’t always included but may be a nice addition to help you organize your pages and keep better track of where you’ve written what. It helps save you time if you want page numbers so you don’t have to do them by hand.

Additional Pages

Some notebooks also come with additional pages such as an index pages, pen test pages, contact log, and a key code page.

bullet journal Etsy

10 Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

Finally, we’re going to get into our top 10 list to see which is the best bullet journal 2023.

  1. Moleskine Classic Notebook  
  2. Leuchtturm1917  
  3. Lemome Notebooks 
  4. Scribbles That Matter Journal 
  5. Dingbats Notebook 
  6. Archer and Olive 
  7. Rhodia Notebook 
  8. Miliko Notebook 
  9. Scrivwell Notebook 
  10. Traveler’s Company Traveler’s Notebook 

Moleskin Classic Notebook

Moleskin is a really well-known brand and can be found all over the world. It’s a favorite of writers and artists, not to mention bullet journalers. 

Moleskine was created in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by legendary thinkers and artists like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin.

Cover Options 

Moleskine Notebooks come in an almost unlimited number of colors, including black, red, navy, orange, and slate grey.  There are hardcover and softcover versions.

Page design

It comes in four options: blank, grid, dotted, and lined.

Paper Quality

Most Moleskin notebooks are a thin 70gsm paper.  They’re made with environmentally friendly acid-free paper.


Moleskin has by far the largest selection of sizes for their notebooks.  You can choose from a pocket size that can literally fit anywhere you need it to, up to the largest A4 size that larger than a standard sheet of paper in the U.S.  If you like a large bullet journal, this is the best option to buy.

  • Pocket measures 3.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Medium measures 4.5 x 6.9 inches
  • Large measures 5 x 8.25 inches
  • XL measures 7.5 x 9.75 inches
  • A4 measures 8.25 x 11.75 inches


Moleskin wasn’t created to be a notebook for bullet journal, so there aren’t any add-ons like index pages or page numbers. However, Moleskin is a quality notebook made to last for as long as you can use it.  

It does have a pocket in the back, lay flat design, bookmark, and elastic closure.


  • Wide range of size options
  • Minimal cover design
  • Plenty of color options


  • No Additional Pages
  • 70gsm paper is too thin for some


Leuchtturm1917 is one of the first brands to make journals specifically for bullet journaling.  

Founded in 1917 (hence the name), this German brand is still family-run and focuses on quality craftsmanship.  They recently teamed up with the creator of the bullet journal method, Ryder Carroll, to create the “official” Bullet Journal Leuchtturm.  So not only is Leuchtturm a great notebook brand, but it was the first bullet journal, so you know the founder liked what was going on in this notebook.

Cover options

Leuchtturm1917 is available in 17 color options and comes in both hardcover and softcover versions. 

Page design

The notebooks come in four page options: blank, grid, dotted, and line.

Paper Quality

There is a bit of ghosting on the 80gsm pages and bleed-throughs when using markers and fountain pens.


Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal is available in seven sizes:

The most popular size is the A5 Medium. It’s a bit wider than other A5 notebooks in this guide, and I like that it gives me more space on every page.


Taking a look at the inside of this planner, it has a table of contents in the frontlay flat design for easy writing, two bookmarks, a pocket in the back, and an elastic band to keep your pages secure. 

It also has three index pages in the front to locate information on the 249 numbered pages.

The notebook also comes with stickers for archiving after you have finished using it.

Leuchtturm also makes an official Bullet Journal Leuchtturm version which includes the index pages, key, and how to use it as designed by Ryder Carroll.


  • Official Bullet Journal
  • Smooth Easy to Write on Pages
  • Plenty of Size Options


  • No Additional Pages

Lemome Notebooks

The Lemome dotted hardcover notebook is a favorite for beginners and bujo veterans alike.  With the understated classic look, the thick 160gsm bullet journal paper, the versatility of the inside pages, and the low price tag, you can see why the Lemome Notebook is our choice for the best budget bullet journal. 

Cover options

The durable hardcover suede-like journal helps to protect your work during the months you’re using it and the years after on your shelf. 

Page design

The Lemome Notebook is available in lined, graph, or dot grid paper. 

Paper Quality

The 120gsm premium thick paper can handle most pens without any risk of bleeding or ghosting.  


A5 Medium measures 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches


Lemome notebooks feature a built-in pen loop, a lay flat design, tight elastic band, and firm binding.


  • Multiple Cover Colors
  • Built-in Pen Loop
  • Comes with Tab Stickers
  • Very Little Ghosting
  • Lay Flat Design


  • No Page Numbers
  • Only available in one size
  • No Index/Content Pages
  • Cover Design Could be Boring

Scribbles That Matter Journal 

Scribbles That Matter is another top-rated billet journal with a large following. This truly is a notebook bullet journal created for serious bullet journalers.  A cover decorated with doodles makes this a cute journal for anyone looking for a design different from the boring black options.  But, there is also a Pro version that has a variety of solid colors. 

Cover options

Scribbles That Matter Iconic has five color options: pastel pink, mint, teal, navy, and charcoal. The cover features cute drawings.  If you like bullet journal covers that scream

The Pro version comes with a more subdued cover with no doodles

Both journals have a waterproof/sweatproof faux leather cover.

Page design

All Scribbles That Matter Pages are a dot grid notebook. 

There is also a limited edition black paper bullet journal perfect for iridescent gel pens or paints. 

Paper Quality

The Iconic notebooks come only in 160gsm and boast white buttery paper that is bleed proof and ghost proof.

The Pro version is available in 160gsm or 100gsm that they say is excellent for everyday journaling. 


Scribbles That Matter is available in A5 size.


The lay flat binding allows for easy and convenient writing. The rounded corners help to protect your pages from folding. There is also a pen holder, expansive cover pocket, high-quality elastic band to keep the book closed, and two colored ribbon bookmarks.  

Inside the notebook, there is an index page, key code page, pre-numbered pages, and a pen test page. The STM book is arguably the best notebook for bullet journaling because of all these features created specifically for bujos.


  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Thin but Quality Paper
  • Sleep Profile
  • Index, Pen Text, and Key Code pages


  • Only one size available

Dingbats Notebook 

Dingbats is a Lebanese brand that produces vegan and eco-friendly notebooks.  They use recycled and other eco-friendly materials while producing their notebooks.

Their idealogy extends to their notebook design and has two lines of notebook wildlife and earth. The “wildlife” notebooks have images of animals on their covers, while the “earth” books will feature trees. Right now, the Earth books are only available in the A5 size, but we’ll get into the sizing options below.

Cover options

All Dingbats Notebooks come with a hardcover bound with PU leather (100% vegan). Each cover comes with a debossed image that fits the theme: either an animal for the Wildlife notebooks or an ecosystem on the Earth notebooks. Each notebook comes in a single color for each cover image, but there are many colors and cover images to choose from. 

The Earth notebook also features a pearlescent color on its cover. Printed on the inside cover of the notebook is an infographic spread for you to explore more about the featured ecosystem, its threats, and how we can help save it

The Wildlife notebooks have paw prints of the featured cover animal on the inside of each of their covers.

Page design

Dingbats notebooks come in four page options: dot grid, lined, grid lines, and blank.

The Wildlife notebooks have 192 micro-perforated pages.

The Nature notebooks have 184 numbered non-perforated pages and 16 micro-perforated pages.

Paper Quality

100gsm silk cream acid-free paper made in the oldest established paper company in Lebanon


  • A4+ measuring 8.5 x 11.8 inches
  • A5+ measuring 6.3 x 8.5 inches
  • A6+ Reporter measuring 6.1 x 4.1 inches
  • A6 Portrait measuring 3.2 x 5.7 inches


All notebooks have an elastic closure, expandable back pocket, one ribbon page markerlie-flat design, and pen holder.

The Wildlife notebooks have no premade pages.

The Nature books have all of the above plus an extra bookmarkthree index pagestwo key pages, and a future log.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Many Size Options 
  • Cute Cover Options


  • More Expensive than Other Options
  • Perforated Pages aren’t for Everyone
  • Not all Notebooks have Additional Pages

Archer & Olive 

Now this a bullet journal. Archer and Olive is by far the most aesthetic bullet journal out there.  If you’ve ever searched “aesthetic bullet journal ideas” or just “bullet journal spreads,” you’ll no doubt come across an Archer and Olive Notebook.  They are one of the best bullet journal notebooks out there, but they are expensive. However, anyone who has bought one admits that they are worth it. 

Cover options

The Archer and Olive cover is possibly the most recognizable bullet journal cover out there. Made in various color options with a foiled doodle or decal on the front and the cover made of canvas, not leather or faux leather, they’re unlike other options on our list.

Page design

Archer and Olive notebooks come in four styles: Blank, dot grid, and lined.

Paper Quality

Archer and Olive have an extensive selection of paper options, including black paper, kraft, Neapolitan (mix of white, kraft, and black papers), rainbow (each page a different color- limited edition), watercolor, and white.  

White comes in all size options. All notebook types come with 160gsm paper.


Archer and Olive Notebooks come in: 


Arguably the best bullet journal books out there.  But, the reason it’s ranked lower on our list is because of its expense.  Unless you’re a serious journaler, have a good amount of money to spend, or just really love the look of this bullet journal brand, you might want to look somewhere else as one book can be triple the price of our less expensive options.  However, the money may be worth it. 

Each book is bound by hand and ensured to lay flat, features a page marker with ampersand charm, a pocket in the back, and comes in an eco-friendly protective box that would make any stationery lover swoon.  Surprisingly there are no other add-ons, such as index pages or page numbers. But that doesn’t seem to decrease its popularity.


  • Beautiful aesthetic look
  • Eco-friendly
  • 160gsm paper


  • Expensive
  • No page numbers or index pages

Rhodia Notebook 

Rhodia is a stationery company with a wide range of notebooks, notepads, and, yes, bullet journal notebooks.  Many of the notepads from Rhodia work for bullet journals as most come in grid notebook, or dot grid journal options (as well as blank and lined options if that interests you). The Rhodia Classic Orange & Black Notebooks, Rhodia Webnotebooks, Rhodia Webotepad, and Rhodia DotPad Notebooks could all work in your bullet journal system. But, I would suggest the Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebooks as they are the most like a typical bullet journal notebook, and they come in multiple cover colors and styles.  And that’s what I’ll be talking about below.

Cover options

The Rhodiarama Notebooks come in both softcover and hardcover options with an embossed Rhodia logo and are over a dozen varieties of colors, including red, maroon, grey, black, and green.

Page design

Rhodiarama Notebooks come in dot grid and lined pages. 

Paper Quality

The notebooks include 160 pages of Rhodia’s Premium “R” ivory-colored 90 gsm acid-free pH-neutral, PEFC-certified paper. 


The Rhodiarama only comes in one size: A5.


Rhodia truly is a blank canvas for you to create anything you want.  Because of that, it lacks some of the additions, such as an index page or page numbers that the other bullet journals have.  However, it does have very creamy paper, a lay-flat sewn binding, an orange elastic band closure, an orange ribbon page marker, and an expandable pocket inside the back cover.


  • Thick 160gsm 
  • Plenty of notebook types to choose from
  • Soft and Hardcover options


  • Only one size option in the Rhodiarama style
  • No Additional Pages

Miliko Notebook 

Miliko was founded in New York in 2015 that creates a wide variety of stationery items, including softcover notebooks, greeting cards, and washi tapes.  One of their best-selling products is the Miliko Transparent dot grid Notebook. Still, they have a wide variety of spiral-bound bullet journal notebooks, and both softcover and hardcover sewn-binding books.  Beyond the wide range of options, the Miliko Notebooks are inexpensive and perfect for beginners who want to test out the bullet journal waters.

Cover options

The Miliko Transparent has—like the name suggests—a transparent hardcover that helps protect the inner pages. Transparent also has a spiral binding that allows for a lay-flat design or to be folded onto itself only to see half of your layout at a time.

The hardcover sewn-bound notebooks have lay-flat design and various cover options and designs.

The soft covers are made from soft-touch film that easily bends with your notebook wherever you place it while still protecting the inside pages.

Page design

Miliko notebooks come in 5mm dot grid and lined pages.

Paper Quality

The 100gsm ivory-white acid-free paper is in all Miliko journals.


All Miliko Notebooks come in A5 and B5 sizes


No page numbers, index pages, or any additional pages can be found in the Miliko notebooks.  The hardcover and softcover sewn notebooks both come with an elastic closure, a bookmark ribbon, and an expandable inner pocket with a label sticker.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great Paper Quality
  • Minimal Design


  • No Additonal Pages
  • Few Size Options

Scrivwell Notebook 

Scrivwell is a newer stationery shop that gets a lot of its inspiration through nature and the outdoors. The founder, Melina, wanted to make a notebook strong enough for the outdoors and be environmentally responsible.  All Scrivwell products are made with faux leather covers and paper that is FEFC certified. It’s a reasonably basic bullet journal, but it is a cheap bullet journal notebook that is environmentally friendly and can be used in countless ways, from daily writing, planning your schedule, travel journaling, or of course, bullet journaling.

Cover options

All Scrivwell notebooks are faux vegan leather cover notebooks. They come in a dozen colors, including green, berry, black, orange, and white.

Page design

All Scrivwell notebooks are dotted grid journal pages.

Paper Quality

The pages are 120gsm that keeps ink from bleeding and allows for the use of markers or paints. Some people have talked about the coating on the paper.  This makes the paper heavier and makes wetter pens and markers dry more slowly, increasing the likelihood of smudging.


The Scrivwell journals come in the classic A5 bullet journal size.


All Scrivwell bullet journals come with two page marker ribbonselastic closure, and a pocket folder on the back cover.  

The hardcover journal is made of vegan leather and has plenty of size options.  


  • Plenty of color options
  • Quality construction
  • Smooth Paper
  • Inexpensive


  • Only one size option
  • Wetter Pens will Smudge

Traveler’s Company Traveler’s Notebook 

Traveler’s Notebook might surprise some people by being on this list. But I wanted to include it because it’s a favorite notebook of many travelers and artists.  The great thing about the Traveler’s Notebook system is that you can buy one relatively expensive cover (unless you get addicted and need more colors or sizes) and buy the less expensive inserts as you need them. Then you can mix and match as you please or as you finish each insert, all while still using your favorite cover. For more info about the Traveler’s Notebook system, you can see my guide Here.

Cover options

Traveler’s Notebooks all come with a soft leather cover that ages well and, in my opinion, smells amazing.  The standard covers come in black, camel, brown, and blue.  But there are special edition covers for brand collaborations that can be bought in-store or online, and specialized store covers that can only be purchased in stores in Japan. 

The actual insert covers are made from soft cardstock material.

Page design

Traveler’s Notebook inserts come in various papers, including blank, kraft paper, lined, dot grid, and more.  The dot grid insert is a standard 5mm spacing. You could also have a blank bullet journal to change things up.

Paper Quality

The paper is a white 80gsm that is fountain pen-friendly and fairly low shadowing on the next page.


Traveler’s Notebooks come in two sizes: Regular and Passport.  

  • Regular size is 4.3” x 8.3”
  • Passport size is 3.5” x 4.9”


The grid paper inserts from Traveler’s Notebook are pretty minimal.  They have no index pages or page markers. Still, Traveler’s Notebook has many accessories you can add to your bullet journal system like pocket stickers, pen loops, page markers, and of course, more inserts with almost unlimited paper options. You can even have a bullet journal binder with the ability to swap inserts in and out, thanks to their binder accessory.


  • Unlimited Versatility
  • Wide Variety of Page Options
  • Real Leather Cover


  • Not Lay-Flat
  • Not Typical Bullet Journal Format
  • Relatively Small Page Size

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Comparison Chart

Bullet JournalRatingSizesCoverPaper# of PagesPriceBuy
Scribbles That Matter9.6/10A5Hardcover160gsm158$$Amazon
Archer & Olive9.5/10A5
Traveler’s Notebook
Traveler’s Notebook9.2/10Passport

Top Bullet Journals for…

Best Beginner Bullet Journal

Scribbles That Matter 

We’ve picked the Scribbles That Matter notebook as our best bullet journal for beginners because of all of the additional pages included inside that help a newbie get started.  It is on the expensive side, so it will be an investment, but you will get a great quality notebook that can walk you through the beginning stages.

Best Affordable Bullet Journal

Lemome Notebooks 

If you’re looking for cheap bullet journal notebooks, the Lemome notebooks are for you.  The Miliko and Scrivwell brands are equally as inexpensive. 

Best Hardcover Bullet Journal

Dingbats Notebook

Best Spiral Bound Bullet Journal

Miliko Transparent Hardcover Notebook

Our pick for the next bullet journal, spiral bound Transparent Dot Grid Notebook from Miliko.  It is a favorite of bullet journalers everywhere for its unique look and versatile design. 

Best Bullet Journal for Travel

Traveler’s Company Traveler’s Notebook

Best Bullet Journal for Artists

Archer & Olive

The best notebook for bullet journal artists. 

Best Digital Bullet Journal 

Digital Planner Layouts on Etsy

If you want the whole bullet journal experience but don’t want to let go of your digital lifestyle, you can try out a digital printable that can easily be found on Etsy.  These printables can be downloaded on your iPad or iPhone and used the same way you might plan in a physical notebook.  The difference is you can delete, erase, or change things at any time, plus you can add images and customize in ways that aren’t as easy or even possible in a physical planner.  There are also bullet journal apps that are less customizable but still a good option for a free or inexpensive planner. 

The best bullet journal app has got to be Trello. With an unlimited amount of boards you can create and the freedom to let your mind organize your plans as you see fit, it’s no wonder so many people love to stay organized on Trello.  It’s highly rated amongst all of the apps for bullet journal lovers and is the best bullet journal for iPads or iPhones in particular.  

Best Bullet Journal Kit

Stationery Pal Kits

Stationery Pal has some amazing stationery and supplies, including some of the best bullet journaling supplies. The great thing about Stationery Pal is their great kits that have everything you would need to get started. It’s basically bullet journal 101. 

There are many different kit options that are usually color-coordinated, but most come with over 20 options.  The Sakura Collection comes with:

  • A bullet journal-A5 size
  • Plus Norino Double-sided Adhesive Glue Tape – Red
  • Rose Gold Paper Clip 120-Pack
  • Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pastel – Pink Blush
  • Kokuyo Karu Cut Washi Tape Cutter – Pink
  • Plus Air-In Mount Fuji Eraser – Pink
  • Star & Moon Washi Tape
  • Pink Gingham Washi Tape
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen – 743
  • Pure Color Sticky Notes – Pink
  • Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen – Milk Color – 0.5 mm – Milk Pink
  • Pilot Juice Gel Pen 0.5 mm – Pastel Pink
  • Uniball One Gel Pen 0.5mm – Pink
  • Solid Color Washi Tape – Pink
  • Book Cover Pen Pouch – Pink
  • Muji Cap Type Gel-Ink Pen 0.5 mm – Pink
  • Rectangle Square Circle Stickers (Set of 4) – Pink
  • Uni Propus Window Double-Sided Highlighter – Pink – 2020 New Color
  • Twilight Fantasy Washi Tape – Pink
  • Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen – Pale Pink – 2020 New Colors

Use Coupon Code MUSTHAVESTATIONERY for 18% off your next order.

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Bullet Journal Course: Learn More Bullet Journal Skills

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of bullet journaling here, and hopefully, I’ve helped you narrow down which notebook you’d like to purchase.  But, if you want more help, you may want to take a bullet journal class or read bullet journal books.  

You can find bullet journal courses on Skillshare that will help you learn the bullet journal basics. 

You can also read The Bullet Journal Method written by the creator of the bullet journal method.  

Other Bullet Journal Options:

Alternative Planners

The concept of bullet journaling can be daunting for beginner bullet journalers, or even those who have been doing it for a while but find their life has suddenly become more hectic.  If you want to have the same benefits of freedom and creativity that a bullet journal can give you, try another journal such as the Hobonichi Techo 

I have a complete guide to understanding the Japanese planner system.  One great thing is the large, open gridded pages that allow for the same personalization as the bullet journal. But they also have dated pages and calendar layouts already marked for you so you can make sure you’re staying on track of your to-do list even if you don’t have time to create a whole layout for that day or week.   

If you feel overwhelmed about starting after just reading this bullet journal review, a Hobonichi might be the choice for you. See our complete Hobonichi guide Here.

Bullet Journal FAQ

  • What are the best notebooks for bullet journaling?

If you’ve skipped down to the bottom for this question, I would head back up and look through our list.  Any notebook on this list will be a great option, but you should look over our comparison for each journal to see which would work best for you.

  • Where can I buy bullet journals?

Once you’ve found your favorite bullet journal, where to buy is probably your next question.  The good news is you can find dot grid notebooks anywhere.  The bad news is it might not be the journal you want.  The easiest place is Amazon, of course. You can find almost any bullet journal there.  The next option is the official website for the company.  After that, you can find journals and Target, Walmart, or your favorite stationery store.

  • Should I buy an AliExpress Bullet Journal?

Like anything on AliExpress, the quality is not guaranteed.  You can very much easily find a cheap bullet journal on AliExpress, but it may not be the best bullet journal to buy. There are some inexpensive options on our list that are guaranteed to be good quality, so I would start there. 

Bullet journals are one of the best ways to plan, write, or create in the way that best fits you.  With unlimited covers, styles, and quality, you can choose the best bullet journal notebook that works for you. These are some of the best bullet journals on Amazon or really anywhere you can go.  So go, look for your next journal, bullet journal, notebook, and bullet journal supplies.

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