Welcome to the Must Have Stationery home for all things fountain pens. If you love fountain pens, want to learn more about them, or want to find your next daily writer, this is the place for you. I have many articles on basically anything you could want to know about fountain pens, their accessories, and the best models out there right now.

From my time writing and using them myself, to a ton of research for my personal and professional use, I hope I can teach you a thing or two, to at least give you some inspiration for your own collection. If you have any questions send me an email or fill out my contact form and I’ll try to get back to you or write up the content you need.

How to Clean Fountain Pens
Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens
How to Write with a Fountain Pen

For Beginner Fountain Pen Users

Fountain pens can feel intimidating, but they don’t have to be. Here are our posts for fountain pen beginners to get you started on the fountain pen journey. If there’s anything missing, write a comment or send me a message.

You can find more Beginner’s Guides Here.

How to Clean Fountain Pens
Writing with a Fountain Pen
How to write with a fountain pen

For Intermediate and Advanced Fountain Pen Users

Our next set of posts is for those ready for the next level. Here are great options if you want a more expensive fountain pen, or if you are looking at more advanced options.

Fountain Pen Maintenance

Don’t forget to take care of your pen. Here are some posts on all the things you need to do to keep your pen looking great, writing smooth, and lasting as long as you want to keep using it.

Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

Don’t forget my advice on choosing paper that works well with your fountain pen. Here are some posts on different options you can take a look at.

  • The Best Fountain Pen Paper
  • The Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen Inks

Here are some of my favorite lists for any type of fountain pen ink you could want. Click around to see which ink type is best for you and have fun looking at all of the different options.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pen Inks
  • Intermediate Guide to Fountain Pen Inks: Sheen, Shading, Shimmer, and More
  • The Best Fountain Pen Inks for Ordinary Paper
  • The Best Fast-Drying Fountain Pen Inks
  • The Best Waterproof Fountain Pen Inks
  • The Best Water Soluble Fountain Pen Inks
  • The Best International Short Cartridges

Fountain Pen Reviews

And finally, here are our individual reviews of fountain pens. I’m always adding to this list to bring you the best options and most comprehensive reviews. Send me a message if you have questions about a particular pen or if you want me to do a review on a new one.

  • Kaweco Sport: A Comprehensive Guide
  • LAMY Safari: A Comprehensive Guide
  • The LAMY 2000: A Masterpiece of German Pen Design
  • Pilot Metropolitan: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Platinum Preppy: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Kaweco Sport: The Perfect Pocket Pen (Video)

Miscellaneous Fountain Pen Help

Here are some great and useful posts to help you when using your fountain pen.