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Stationery Pal Box

What to Buy on Stationery Pal

Stationery Pal has quickly become one of my favorite online stationery shops. With inexpensive prices, quick shipping, and a wide range of options, especially Japanese stationery, it should be a must-shop for any stationery lover. It can be a pain… Read More »What to Buy on Stationery Pal

Best Japanese Planners

The Best Japanese Planners

Japanese Planners have quickly found popularity all over the world. And while you might know a few names, like Hobonichi, or Midori, there are so many available that you should check out. While I could go on and on forever… Read More »The Best Japanese Planners

Best Fountain pens

Best Beginner Fountain Pens

With so many options to write (or type) digitally, it seems like an analog lifestyle is now counter-culture. But there are so many reasons to use physical pens even today. Physical writing utensils allow a tangible connection between our mind… Read More »Best Beginner Fountain Pens